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Our professionalism in practice has ensured that our passion towards every project irrespective of its scale, be it scale, be it a small house or a township is the same. We work with the same commitment, energy and expertise. We have there for emerged as a firm versatile enough to deal with projects irrespective of their complexities.

Understanding our clients, their expressed and unexpressed needs; has remained the bottom line for our achievements. We employ our expertise to shape your dreams. The outcome in the form of language and form is the bonus. Excellence in execution and implementation is the essence of our success.


we works for a range of interior projects from simple residences to exuberant corporate offices. we believes in designing smooth and comfortable spaces incorporating contemporary lifestyles.

we assure designs within budgetary constraints with innovative use of various materials to bring maximum value for money to the client.

In our firm, it is the client who decides on the element of the interior. We only refine our client’s idea and express them through various components of interior designing. Local and ethnic materials are always given a priority, culture and tradition are always the focal point and the various client needs are kept in mind while the interior is being shaped.

our focus is on tasteful accessories and coordinated upholstery against good flooring and neatly painted colorful walls with an adequate illumination on a functional layout.

Appropriate and functional articles used as essential components of interior. It includes wooden artifacts, fabric materials, utility items, wrought iron accessories and furniture and a variety of other products.


Imagine Design Studios


Imagine Design Studios


The stepping to assess a project is by the means of the space around it. A building is a tangible structure, which needs to get along with the landscape that circumscribes it. Landscape comprises of designing and planning of the open space and selection of appropriate flora, from a tree to the surface of grass.

The approach pedestrian path and its elements take a vital role in linking an individual unit to the whole. Togetherness in a cluster is further enhanced through pockets design of relaxation, focal nodes and grouping of various plant forms. Elements are strategically placed to take an individual on a journey of experience with consonance with nature. Giving a since of belonging, ownership and pride to the clients is what we strive for.

Apart from aesthetics, economy and individuality in design are the most important parameters that are taken into account by while finalizing a proposal. Fascinated by the idea of semi-enclosed spaces, we impart greater role to the extended spaces and the margins. Making margins the focal point of the design.

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